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Business Regulations  

I believe that free enterprise is the only economic system that promotes freedom and prosperity. We must allow free market forces to work by reforming the MCA to reduce onerous regulations, recognizing that economic impacts are just as important as environmental impacts and the permitting process should reflect both. Toward that end, regulations must be kept to an absolute minimum and the rule making authority must be restricted to legislators, not unelected agency bureaucrats.

I support tort reform legislation, which will reduce the risks and cost of doing business and providing care by ensuring a more predictable and less litigious legal climate.


Taxes should be low, broad based and easily understood. They should not be used to redistribute wealth or pick winners and losers. I would work toward a simplified tax code that is flat rate based and eliminates special interest provisions, loopholes and curbs corporate welfare while being mindful of the impact on families, aging populations and veterans. I oppose retroactive taxation, activist judges attempting to steal the power of the purse and all efforts to create taxes that divide the population or create class warfare.

Property taxes and their continual upward march are a significant concern to many Kalispell HD 7 residents. The challenges revolve around providing for the needs of all while balancing the cost of wants of the few.  Schools, libraries and infrastructure in addition to basic services are present on your property tax bill. We must strive to maximize the return on every dollar spent.

Second Amendment


As an ardent defender of the right to keep and bear arms and life member of the NRA, I will work to ensure that this right is protected both from local ordinances and federal overreach.  I believe it is an individual right which shall not be infringed by any level of government. I support the castle doctrine of self-defense and recognize its extension to our vehicles.  

Medicaid Expansion

I support the development and expansion of private healthcare options and oppose the increased provision of governmental healthcare for able-bodied adults.

National Affairs

The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land an I will defend against any attempts to ignore, weaken or misinterpret it.

I recognize a clear separation of power and responsibilities between federal and state government. I will vigorously support the principles of federalism and defend our states' right to govern the land, water and resources within its boundaries.

Law Enforcement

"Every society get the kind of criminal it deserves. What is equally true is that every community gets the kind of law enforcement it insists on"  Robert F. Kennedy

I support our county sheriff and city police departments. Their efforts to provide the front line enforcing the rule of law and public safety must be supported and appreciated.

Economic Development

Economic development is best encouraged by pursuing a constitutional government that is predictable, equitable and follows the rule of law.  We must be vigilant in eliminating government activities that pick winners and losers. Taxes that hinder development must be reduced or eliminated. I will strive to create a governmental culture that emphasizes customer service over regulations and enforcement. Agencies or departments that restrict economic development must be reformed or eliminated. Continued pursuit of workman's compensation reform is a priority to make us more competitive.


Federal Overreach

"Every society needs some form of government in order to provide security and protect the freedom of its citizens, the best and freest are those in which government is least intrusive"

I support  small, ,effective and efficient government and legislative efforts to increase local control.  I would embrace legislative oversight of agency rule making to ensure the intent of legislation is upheld.  I support state resistance to unconstitutional federal laws. As Thomas Jefferson eloquently stated " If the federal government is allowed to hold a monopoly on determining the extent of its own powers, we have no right to be surprised when it keeps discovering new ones."  It is the job of the state legislatures, governors and state supreme courts  to declare the responsibility of the state to protect its people against a lawless federal government.


   I did not use the term "affordable housing" as an issue heading because the term affordable is very fluid and depends on the individual whose needs must be addressed.  To the unemployed and disabled without resources the low end of affordability may start at zero.  Because of this variable, my approach to this issue is to focus on the supply side of the equation and work towards maximizing the various measures supporting increased supply.  These measures include the reduction of impact fees and zoning restriction while also recognizing current residents concerns.  Streamlining all the governmental processes from the start to the completion of projects with predictable application  of regulations and requirements  will attract further development.  Enhancement of programs to increase the supply of a skilled workforce and fortifying  the supply chain of raw materials necessary to complete projects are crucial. Effectively managing the forests with sustainable selective harvesting and replanting can reduce fire damage with concomitant reduction in air pollution and atmospheric carbon release.  This action would also provide good paying jobs in the logging industry while supplying a predictable substrate for our mills and forest products companies. Stable timber/lumber prices will facilitate housing construction with more good paying jobs to improve the tax base.

       Ecologically, what better way to capture carbon emissions than a healthy managed forest with the carbon captured in lumber destined to multiple decades of removal in construction before returning to the soil or atmosphere.


Healthcare and its delivery, especially during the pandemic, has revealed the massive influence that it has in our lives.  How decisions are made and who makes them has become a national issue.  Questions have arisen regarding the involvement of our own government in the creation of the COVID-19 virus and the conflicting instructions that have been promulgated. The data is often incomplete and inaccurate with incentives to reach predetermined outcomes and the exclusion of studies that refute conclusions desired.

I am a vaccine believer but also recognize the need to allow citizens to make their own decision in this regard.  Each individual has unique concerns regarding health, religious beliefs, risk profile and ethical concerns to be addressed with the availability of a trusted healthcare provider to assist as requested.

I am a believer in the substantial protection of natural immunity following an episode of the disease.

I support the optional use of masks as their value in protecting you or others is questionable at best depending on the type.

I would pursue legislation that would protect the license of a medical provider to use FDA approved medications for off-label use when written informed consent of the patient is obtained, regardless of the CDC opinion of its value in treating a specific disease.

I would also pursue legislation increasing transparency in pricing of healthcare services so that patients can make cost conscious decisions on where to obtain them.  The current healthcare market has significantly increased the exposure of insured families to thousands of dollars of costs before any coverage applies. This is the equivalent of providing only catastrophic coverage for many. 

I support the preservation of innocent human life beginning at conception through natural death. I oppose public funding to organizations or individuals who provide or promote abortions. I support positive alternatives to abortion such as adoption and parental involvement in all abortions involving minors.


Election Integrity

I support efforts to make voting easy and cheating hard.

These include:

  1. Voter ID
  2. Signature Verification
  3. Chain of custody controls
  4. Bipartisan election observers
  5. Clean voter rolls
  6. Absentee ballot harvesting bans


I support quality educational opportunities for all Montanans.  This is best achieved by local control of instruction and allocation of school resources. I recognize parent's authority and responsibility for educating their children through multiple school choice options. I support community efforts to enhance school safety and security.

"We have high standards for our kids, because self-esteem come from achievement, not from lax standards and false praise."

Condoleeza Rice

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